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Worried About Fireworks?

Is your dog making this face about all the fireworks and storms they’ve been hearing? Let’s chat through a few tips for how to help with noise aversion prior to the big holiday weekend!

Ellie doesn’t really yell at fireworks.

– Don’t be afraid to comfort a scared dog. Make sure they have comfortable spots to hide in if that is what they prefer during storms and other loud noise events. Comforting a scared dog won’t increase your dog’s fear.

– Reach out to your vet about pharmaceutical help prior to louder noise events. Medications can be very useful when it comes to calming your dog during firework shows and storms, and some medications can also be useful during the desensitization process as well.

– Give homeopathy a try. Products such as Adaptil collars and diffusers help many dogs, but calming supplements have different effects for every dog. Here are some links for popular products to try out.…/121783…/…/116766…/…/135502…/…/42645

– Pressure therapy can work for some dogs. If you aren’t sure if your dog feels comforted by pressure, here is a good DIY thunder wrap to try for your dog prior to purchasing a more expensive option.

– For your dogs that will accept food during storms and other noise events, provide them with ample puzzle toys and chews to enjoy. This will help to condition them to understand noise events produce good things for them! Scroll down in my feed for fun and easy enrichment activities to try out.

– Muffle the noise as much as possible with normal everyday noise that your pup is used to. If the TV or radio does not cause additional distress, leave these noises on for your pup.

– Train during the off-season! If you’ve discovered this year that your pup has noise aversions contact me to discuss how to start a desensitization and counterconditioning plan.

Stay safe out there everyone! Happy July!