Private lessons:

We offer a variety of packages for basic obedience work in the comfort of your own home. This work can be catered to new dogs or puppies, but can also apply to your households current dogs. In home private classes can include:

  • basic obedience commands
  • advanced obedience work
  • tricks
  • appropriate introductions between dogs and children
  • calm behavior in your home
  • house training
  • desensitization to handling for medical and grooming needs
  • appropriate greetings
  • confidence building
  • crate training
Additionally, we can schedule behavioral consultations to address behavioral issues such as:
  • destructive behavior
  • resource guarding
  • leash reactivity
  • barrier frustration
  • over arousal
  • separation anxiety
  • jumping on people/counters
  • pulling on leash
  • aggression towards dogs
  • aggression towards humans
Please inquire about pricing for private classes, many classes can be bundled and we do offer a newly adopted pet discount (with proof of recent adoption from a rescue or shelter within 6 months).

Group classes:

Now forming group classes for basic obedience, advanced obedience, and tricks. Classes will be held weekly, see group class tab for location details. Group classes are ideal for people that would like to brush up on their dog’s obedience with some added distractions of being in the company of other dogs.
Group Class Information