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Basic obedience, confidence building, and problem solving for Boston area dogs and owners

Are you…

Bringing home a new dog or puppy?

Struggling to get your dog to pay attention outside of the home?

Dreaming of better manners around family and guests?

Wishing your dog wouldn’t pull, bark, or lunge on leash?

Our team of certified trainers can come to your space and assess your dog to help problem solve and build confidence in your skills. Helping dogs acclimate to their surroundings, learn new skills on leash and off leash, and get used to common sights around town while remaining calm can improve the daily life of both you and your dog.

Here’s how we can help

We’ll begin with a Consultation, which includes detailed discussion of your dog’s behavioral and training history, problem solving tips you can implement immediately, and planning for short and long term training goals, and the start of a training plan. 90 minute session in your home*  $220 

Most successful training plans require follow up sessions that include continued support in implementing the proposed behavior plan. We build on existing skills, teach new skills, continue behavior change & management.

*Please see service area for neighborhoods we travel to.

We have a variety of discounted follow up packages to suit many life stages and/or training goals: 

New Rescue Package
4 follow up sessions
Puppy Package
6 follow up sessions
Mind Your Manners Package
6 follow up sessions
Frustrated Greeters Package
6 follow up sessions

New dog in your house that is learning how to be a part of your family? Build communication skills, new behaviors that fit into your household, on-leash behavior for walks in your neighborhood, and confidence in skills for both ends of the leash.

4 – 60 minute follow up sessions in your home $595

Adding a puppy to an already bustling household? We’ll break down house breaking, playing appropriately, puppy teething and nipping, comfort with crating and handling, and we’ll help you troubleshoot all your puppy’s changing behavior.

6 – 60 minute follow up sessions in your home $880

Is your dog barking at you, getting into trouble in the house, chewing, jumping on guests, and stealing things from counters? Well, here is the package for you. We’ll tackle common behavioral issues that crop up throughout your dog’s life with impulse control training and creating cues that help your dog cooperate with you.

6 – 60 minute follow up sessions in your home $880

Does your dog love dogs and humans? Does he love them so much that when he can’t get to them, his excitement bubbles over into whining, barking, pulling, and sometimes even lunging or growling? We’ll help you build successful communication skills to manage your dog’s behavior on walks, teach impulse control, and new patterns of behavior for when your dog spots a potential friend in the distance.

6 – 60 minute follow up sessions in your home $880

Fine tuning packages:

If your dog already has some basic training but you want to focus on a specific skill – one of these packages might be for you.

Recall Package
4 follow up sessions
Loose Leash Walking Package
4 follow up sessions

Does your dog need a refresher on how to return to you when called? Have they mastered this skill in the house but it’s all out of the window at the park? We’ll help teach your dog to make good decisions in the face of difficult distractions by improving their response to their recall cue with conditioning and fun games. 

4 – 60 minute follow up sessions in your home $595

Have walks stopped being fun? Is your dog dragging you down the street? We’ll help improve your dog’s attention outside, then build their on-leash skills so that they can remain close-by and make the walk more enjoyable for you both.

4 – 60 minute follow up sessions in your home $595

Not sure which package is right for you, or just need help with a minor issue?

We offer single, 60 minute follow up sessions: $155 

Think you’ll need more? We also offer a package of 12 follow up sessions for $1735.

Service area: Serving Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury, Roslindale, Brookline, Dorchester, Chestnut Hill, Newton, Needham, and Dedham. Travel fees start at $50 per session for neighborhoods outside this area, please contact us for specific pricing info.

Why work with us?

Our certified trainers will come to you and work in the comfort of your home to make sure your dog has the right foundations to take into more distracting and stimulating environments. Then we can move those foundations and behaviors out into the real world where you need them most.

What we can help with
  • Basic obedience for any stage of life;
  • Acclimation work with newly rescued dogs;
  • Going back to the basics with dogs that may not have the right answer out in the real world.

Our Happy Clients

Carol is an incredibly organized and knowledgeable dog trainer. She’s an expert with “difficult behaviors” and has helped us tremendously with our high-arousal, 1-year old pup. She trains us – and our dog – at home and out in the distraction-rich world, providing detailed instruction in real life scenarios that make all the difference. Best of all she has a great sense of humor so sessions are always fun!

– Stephanie

Marvin came to me back in October of 2021 and we immediately started working with Carol.  She set the perfect foundation for Marvin from the time he arrived in my home. From potty training to dealing with the way puppies explore everything by mouth, Carol offered amazing tips and tricks. Carol is the best and I would highly recommend her to anyone with a young puppy or an older dog that just needs to learn some impulse control.   

– Melissa