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I’m now a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant!

Proud to announce that I am now a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, a certification granted through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. Excited to continue to offer dog training and behavior consultations to you all using science-based, kind, and effective methods.

Some information about the IAABC from their website (

The goals of the IAABC are to standardize and support the practice of animal behavior consulting, to provide quality, evidence-based education and peer and supervising mentoring, and to provide resources for pet owners needing advice. IAABC certifications are the most rigorous in the field, and assess people working in multiple species, with private clients and in shelters, and we offer certification in both Spanish and English.

IAABC members believe in the study and science of behavior consulting. We understand that animal behavior consultants can assist owners in managing and modifying problem behaviors, and in the process help strengthen the relationships between an owner and pet.

IAABC members work to minimize the use of aversive stimuli and maximize the effective use of reinforcers to modify animal behavior. Members agree to adhere to the LIMA (least intrusive, minimally aversive) and the IAABC Code of Ethics principle upon joining. Within that framework, the IAABC welcomes diversity and openness. Positive regard, and respect for differences are among our core value, always striving toward solid, effective, positive reinforcement-based work.