Use the contact form below to answer a few questions so we can direct your case to the appropriate trainer. 

Aubrey Sperry, CDBC, CPDT-KA, is our behavior modification specialist. She is passionate about improving communication and clarity to build the behaviors you desire from your dog while helping to diminish existing undesirable behavior. Expect to hear from her if you are reaching out with a specific severe behavior issue. 

Carol Brackett is our confidence-building specialist. Her passions lie in helping to create a well-mannered dog at any age. She specializes in helping shy and nervous dogs build confidence and curiosity. Expect to hear from her if you have a new puppy, new rescue, or dog seeking new skills to navigate the world.

Please be aware that Aubrey’s waitlist for new behavioral cases is filled through April 2022, please use this form to be added to the waitlist and to find out more information. Carol is currently taking new clients to start in November 2021.