Enrichment Game: Stuffed Bag

Raining, again! Don’t put out that recycling quite yet, today we’re using paper bags to enrich our dogs. Here I describe the first two levels of difficulty with this game, but the sky is the limit. You can stuff a bag with a longer lasting enrichment toy to make a double layered puzzle as well.

I give a warning about paper eaters in the video, but if your dog eats paper either play a different activity or monitor closely to make sure they don’t ingest too much paper.

Enrichment Game: 101 Things to do with a Box Part Two

Did you like 101 Things to do with a Box? Here is the continuation of that game! The sky is the limit with behaviors you can choose to teach your dog to do in, near, or with the box. Get creative and send me photos and videos of the results.

Look back to the first video for pointers on how to start. Remember that we are rewarding our dogs for small interactions with this object in order to build a bigger behavior. Here I show how I would go about teaching Jojo to bite the box!

Enrichment Game: 101 Things to do with a Box

Today our enrichment game involves some training! All you need is your dog, a box (bigger is better for this game, but cut down those sides to make it less tall), and some treats.

I explain what to do if your dog acts like the box is lava, but remember that ANY interaction with the box deserves reward at first. So feed those dogs for looking at or stepping toward that box, even from 10 feet away!

We’ll be continuing this game, so check back for further instruction!

Enrichment Game: Stuffed Box

We all need a laugh this weekend. We’ve played a rummage game and a tube search so far; now let’s enlist those shipping boxes we all have on hand.

Feel free to rename this game – the more outlandish, the better! Stuffed box was the best I could come up with. But the game deserves better!

Warning for any paper eating pup: this game may be more appropriately played with food stuffable toys placed into a shipping box. Fill kongs and other food stuffed toys into a box and let your dog go to town!

Enrichment Game: Tubes in a bowl

Whoa, now it’s raining on top of all of this? Here is another enrichment game to keep you and your dog entertained. 

Reward your dog for giving you time to get work done by playing a great lunch time game. Today it’s tubes in a bowl, use any type of bowl for this, but flat bottom dog bowls work perfectly.

Send photos and videos! Continue to use caution when doing these activities with dogs that guard high value items. Let me know if you want to make the activity more challenging, we can do that too!

Enrichment Game: Trash Rummage

In these changing times, I have a question for you. Are you and your dog bored?

Let’s play some enrichment games!

Enrichment is anything we can modify about an animal’s environment to allow them to express normal behaviors and challenge them in new ways. For our dogs, we can easily do that with items we already have at home.

Some of these will seem easy, but work them at your dog’s level. Too easy? Ask how to make it harder in the comments!

Use caution when doing these activities with dog’s that guard high value items and separate dogs while doing these activities.

Our first game is a trash rummage!