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Learning and solutions for serious behavioral concerns including aggression, resource guarding, fear, and other sensitivities.

Does your dog…

Bark, lunge, growl, or bite when humans or dogs are in their space?

Struggle to cope with daily life?

Freeze, growl, lunge, or bite when you approach them as they enjoy a valued item?

Panic when left alone or with someone else other than you?

Our certified trainers and behavior consultants can help, there is hope. We will come to your space and assess your dog and your lifestyle. There are many steps we can take, both short-term and long-term, to improve life with your dog. Helping dogs feel comfortable in their environment, with their valued objects, and around common sights and sounds can improve the daily life of your family, both in safety and in stress levels. 

Here’s how I can help

Initial Behavior Consultation

We’ll begin with a Consultation, which includes detailed discussion of your dog’s behavioral and training history, planning for short and long term goals for behavior change, and the start of a training and safety plan.

90 minute session in your home*. $295

Behavior Change Follow-Up Sessions & Packages
4 follow up sessions

Most successful training plans require follow up sessions that include continued support in implementing the proposed behavior plan. We build on existing skills, teach new skills, continue behavior change & management.

During our first session we’ll discuss a training plan and make recommendations as to the number of follow up sessions that may be needed for your specific behavior issues and goals. Throughout the follow up sessions we provide continued support in implementing the proposed behavior plan so you can see and feel the changes in your dog’s behavior.

Single 60-minute follow up sessions: $175 

Follow up packages. We offer packages at a reduced rate based on your goals discussed at the consultation visit.

Service area: Serving Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury, Roslindale, Brookline, Dorchester, Chestnut Hill, Newton, Needham, and Dedham. Travel fees start at $50 per session for neighborhoods outside this area, please contact us for specific pricing info.

Why work with us?

Our certified trainers will come to you and work in the comfort of your home to make sure your dog has the right foundations to take into more distracting and stimulating environments. Then we can move those foundations and behaviors out into the real world where you need them most.

What we can help with
  • Basic obedience for any stage of life;
  • Acclimation work with newly rescued dogs;
  • Going back to the basics with dogs that may not have the right answer out in the real world.

Our Happy Clients

We adopted our beautiful Aoife and soon discovered what a scared dog she was. We spent a lot of time practicing what Aubrey taught us in the private sessions to build her confidence. The ‘look at that’ game helped her learn to dismiss scary things. In another game she learnt to stay calm and wait when doors opened and not bolt through it or away from it. There were lots of other great confidence building and recall exercises for Aoife. 

– Simon

Aubrey taught me how to understand Henry’s behaviors and taught us how to communicate. Her work focused on reward-based training, behavior modification, prevention and desensitization. Aubrey’s vast knowledge of animal behavior and learning did not go unnoticed. Henry and I use the training methods she taught us every day, and both of our lives have improved. We have good and bad days, but Henry and I are a team now. We are both much happier, more confident and safe. Our world totally opened up after working with Aubrey. I am so grateful!

– Sophia