Training Activity: What’s With the Mask?

Why are all the humans covering half of their faces?

If your dog is worried about you or other humans wearing masks, this video gives some ideas for how to work through it.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Wearing a mask is good. Put your mask on, feed your dog a few high value rewards, then take your mask off and stop feeding.

Step 2: Wearing a mask doesn’t change your communication. Put your mask on, go through a few easy and fun cues your dog knows, reward them for participating.

Step 3: Seeing other people wear masks is also good. Stand a safe distance from people, reward your dog when they notice a person wearing a mask.

In the video, you’ll get to see the first two steps in action. I go into detail for what to do if your dog is too worried to start with step one. I also cover a few ways you can accomplish step three.

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