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Group dog training classes, private training, and behavior consultations for Boston area dog owners

Does your dog…

Lunge, bark, or pull on walks?

Ignore you outside of the house?

Lack the ability to greet people politely?

Struggle with confidence or city life?

Are you ready to effectively communicate with your dog and build a positive relationship?

Sit Pretty Dog Training is here to help.

We’ll teach your dog how to communicate with you in an appropriate way, while keeping your relationship with your dog positive and fun.

Private Training

Basic obedience, confidence building, and problem solving for dogs of all ages, including new adopted dogs and puppies.

Behavior Consultations

Learning and solutions for severe behavioral concerns including aggression, resource guarding, fear, and other sensitivities.

Group Classes

Clean up your dog’s skills in a novel environment in the presence of distractions. Great for proofing behaviors and learning new behaviors.

Why work with us?

Our certified trainers will come to you and work in the comfort of your home to make sure your dog has the right foundations to take into more distracting and stimulating environments. Then we can move those foundations and behaviors out into the real world where you need them most.

What we can help with
  • Basic obedience for any stage of life;
  • Acclimation work with newly rescued dogs;
  • Going back to the basics with dogs that may not have the right answer out in the real world.

Our Happy Clients

We have been working with Aubrey for a few months now with our rescue puppy Mia, who has lots of fear around noisy streets. Aubrey is extremely professional, but also really down to earth and understanding – and at times has felt like our dog therapist listening to all our concerns. She always provides really personal and thoughtful techniques after each session.

– Marklin

Working with Aubrey has helped us understand the stresses and what was causing Easton’s behavior and we have worked with her on techniques for behavior mitigation and slowly have improved Easton’s behavior. We have not had an incident since we started with Aubrey and have full confidence when working with Easton in stressful situations.

– Ryan